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Whether you need to keep on top of market conditions or actively pursue business development objectives – Property Daily can be a powerful tool. We stand out from other business lead services in a number of important ways:

1. The First To Know

Highly sophisticated research methodologies means Property Daily is regularly the ‘first to know’. We take pride in identifying opportunities well in advance of industry networks, other publication as well the mainstream business media.

2. Experience That Counts

Editor Tim Humphrey, is arguably Australia’s most experienced commercial relocation and reconfiguration market intelligence specialist. Having previously edited both Who’s Moving and Inside Information publications, Tim draws on a wealth of experience in this field. He has personally monitored the Sydney and Melbourne markets for over 11 years.

3. The Most Profitable Leads

Strong weighting towards current opportunities related to larger occupiers in each CBD and fringe with large occupancy and fit-out related budgets.

4. Easy Access Market Knowledge

Make sense of the market from your perspective using Property Daily’s simple analysis features including: Complete MarketView and My MarketView.

5. Opportunities Profiled In Clear Effective Format

Individual opportunities profiled in an easy to use format, which have complete contact details and are immediately actionable.

6. Frequent Updating

More frequent and meaningful updating of opportunities than available elsewhere.

7. Powerful Search Tools – Yet Easy To Use

Full text searching by organisation, opportunity characteristics, location and timing.

8. Responsive Telephone Support

Get the full picture over the phone from the person who wrote the story! Including background details, primary source material, as well as suggestions for first contact and follow-up.


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