Frequently Asked Questions

What is Property Daily?

Property Daily is Australia and New Zealand's only daily news and intelligence service for the commercial leasing, interior design and office fit-out industries.  Each working day subscribers are emailed new leads and updates on existing opportunities. They can then log onto the Property Daily website for more information to examine our online database of past and current leads.

What does Property Daily cover?

Property Daily reports on new opportunities and deals done across all national capital city markets. Focusing on Australia's two biggest markets, Sydney and Melbourne, Property Daily also covers the best leads from Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Canberra. Additionally, we have separate coverage of New Zealand's major office markets including Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. Full Profile Reports are produced on lease expiries, requirements for commercial office space, facilities change within organisations, mergers and acquisitions, relocations, design appointments and new fit-out projects.  This specialist focus on office leasing ensures our subscribers are among the first to know of the opportunities that matter.

Who is behind Property Daily?

Property Daily is published by The Spatial Group Pty Ltd, a specialist commercial property and business publisher. Property Daily is edited by the highly regarded industry commentator Tim Humphrey. To find out more about Property Daily, click here.

How do I subscribe to Property Daily?

To become a subscriber, register your interest here. You will then receive a call from one of our staff and be sent a subscription package. Subscribers are bound by our standard subscription terms and conditions.

How do I obtain a free trial?

To receive a complimentary trial to Property Daily, register your interest here, OR contact Tim Humphrey (Editor) at

How much does Property Daily cost?

To enquire about subscription rates or the cost of Property Daily Plus options, contact us today.

What do I receive when I subscribe?

Subscribers benefit from Property Daily by receiving an email newsletter each working day with the latest commercial leasing and interiors opportunities nationwide. In addition, subscribers receive login access (with a username and password) to our 'live' online database. This allows users to simply 'click through' from links provided in the daily email for further information including location and contact details. Subscribers can also make use of Property Daily's "MarketView", "My Shortlist", "My Reminders" and the "My Notes" features. To find out more scroll down or contact us.

What businesses or organisations might benefit from Property Daily?

A range of organisations can benefit from Property Daily's service.

What are Property Daily's Market Views?

Property Daily's MarketView feature allows subscribers to view all relevant opportunities across an entire market (eg Sydney), or within sub-markets such as commercial leasing or office interiors. It provides a table style layout of opportunities, with only the most relevant details displayed.

What is the My Notes feature?

Property Daily's "My Notes" allows subscribers to add their own notes/comments for each profiled opportunity in the database. This feature is completely secure and access to notes is solely restricted to relevant individual subscriber only.

You are able to view all your notes in the My Notes folder, as well as when accessing specific opportunity profiles. The My Notes feature also allows subscribers to 'flag' or 'shortlist' any report they are interested in for easy, future reference. To see how My Notes works register here for a trial.

Can more than one person use the same username and password at the same time?

No. Property Daily will only allow a username and password to be used by one person at a time. That is, if the username is already in use and another person tries to independently access the website using the same username, both will be locked out. The username and password will then automatically be made inoperative for a period of time.